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Two Inch Cuffs launches a new online shop

With a degree in journalism and an interest in writing, Creative Director Ruben Hughes launched his site Two Inch Cuffs in January of 2012. "One thing led to another and I wanted more visuals," Ruben says.  Two Inch Cuffs now relies heavily on original content and photography--the images are so impressive, brands have been snapping them up for their own use. "We give readers an experience which other blogs might lack or a story line that is as drawing as a film, but embossed with menswear."

On March 1, Ruben expanded his site with a brand new online shop that features quality products and a extra help picking out your stuff. Waxed bags from Oregon based Sketchbook, Prajaa suede Chukkas and Doane paper journals meet a concierge service or "style matchmakers." Even though it's predominantly a menswear shop, there are lots of accessories and sweaters (you could wear), in case you start to get a little jealous.

Read our Q+A  with Two Inch Cuffs' Ruben Hughes below.

What made you want to open an online shop?

Inspired by old L.L. Bean catalogs, I felt like the traditional American catalog has decreased due to the new digital era and the economy. Many brands aren’t as creative anymore with their lookbooks or have sat down to really carve out an idea. I wanted to change that.

What makes the Two Inch Cuffs Shop different?

Besides our Signature Items which remain exclusive to The Cuff Shop, we offer a concierge service for any customer questions and the assistance of Jared & Alison, our style matchmakers.

What kind of products and brands can we expect to see?

When it comes to brands, people should always expect to see items that mirror our constant drive for quality. Brands like Hamilton 1883 and Ruell & Ray will continue to grow within our shop as we bring on new styles exclusively made for Two Inch Cuffs.

What is your target customer like? Where does he hang out? What does he do? What brands does he wear?

Our guy is someone in his mid-twenties to early thirties who has a disposable income and wants to shop for items that have a story behind them. He’s a frequent restaurant goer and can responsibility enjoy a good beer after a long work day. He’ll buy brands like Todd Synder, Alden and Gitman Vintage because he doesn’t mind paying a little extra for anything made in the USA.

Are there items available for women?

Many items in the shop are predominately mens, but we do offer a few brands that are unisex. From accessories to apothecary, have your pick.

Name some of your favorite physical stores:

Unionmade Goods, J. Crew Liquor Shop and Jack Spade

What are your three favorite brands and why?

I really enjoy Farm Tactics, Ruell & Ray and Sketchbook. They all bleed quality and are comfortable at the same time. That’s how clothing should be meant to be.

Anything else?

Thanks hearty.

Visit the new Two Inch Cuff Shop here.

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