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Welcome to the future.

It's getting hot in Qatar, hot like their summers. Architect, Zaha Hadid  is the first out of nine others architects to start the construction of a stadium in one of the Qarati cities. The main Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium seats about 40,000 people and takes it shape from the Dhow--a traditional Arabian fishing boat...but does it really look like a Dhow boat? Because of the hot summers in Qatar, there have been efforts to move the international football tournament to the winter (so no clothes will have to be taken off) but since this isn't certain, Zaha Hadid has been working along side AECOM--an engineer firm, to make sure that the venue can handle the heat and the max. capacity of people. Once the tournament is finished, 20,000 out of the 40,000 seats will be shipped to developing countries while the other 20,000 accompany the Qatar Stadium--giving the stadium a little more room to breath.

Check out more photos below of Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadium by Zaha Hadid.

Seen via: Huhmagazine

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