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32-year-old American actress, Brittany Murphy died this weekend from a cardiac arrest. According to the L.A Times, an autopsy will be conducted due to suspicions surrounding the exact cause of her death.

Spalshing on to the scene in the iconic 90s hit film, Clueless, Brittany played Tai the goofy, outcast who Cher and Dee took under their manicured wings. For those of us who didn't have scrolling closets filled with designer mini-skirts and flawless breasts like Cher, we could identify with Tai because she was the closest thing to real. Tai acted like a dork in front of men and occasionally got too drunk at parties.

Tai (and Brittany) landed in the quirky and naive space reserved for outcasts. In 2001, Brittany changed her look--loosing a drastic amount of weight and with this, her whole image. She did a variety of movies from Spun to Uptown Girls to Sin City, but most of the characters she played seemed to reply on her thinness for validity.

Two years ago, Brittany settled down with screenwriter Simon Monjack and their union caused major controversy due to the rumors about his shady past. Monjack has told hospitals he does not want an autopsy done on his late-wife, but it will be conducted today regardless. Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said the Brittany's death 'appears to be natural.'

R.I.P Brittany. Keep on rollin' with the homies.

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