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"My facade is just a fake / Shock horror no escape / Sensationalism for the feed / Caricatures are what you breed."

Poly Streyne of the British punk band X-Ray Spex was a feminist icon. Strutting stage front at the ripe age of fifteen, Poly paraded her mouth full of braces as proudly as she did her attitude. She kick started her career by running away from home with only three pounds in her pocket, hopping from festival to festival. Finally after seeing the Sex Pistols perform in 1975, she started her now-legendary band X-Ray Spex. Poly sang about everything from sexism to capitalist to sarcastically mocking the concept of being a poseur. She was snotty and unconventional, yet intelligent beyond her years, which made her the perfect example for rebellion in the late 70's rock scene. Poly died today of breast cancer at the age of 53. R.I.P. Poly.

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