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R. Kelly drops a new track on Twitter about his recovery from emergency throat surgery

R. Kelly is a musical mystery. Sometime after "I Believe I Can Fly", dude took a nose dive into the crazy genius pool producing a string of "hits" with lyrics so literal that we fans found ourselves singing along to lines like, "Girl, I want to get you pregnant." Whether R. Kelly is consciously nuts and playing fans like a fiddle or legitimately insane, it doesn't matter, what does matter is that he keeps pumping out sexy R&B tracks about being trapped in the closet or, in the case of his latest hit, his recovery from throat surgery.

Recently, R. Kelly underwent emergency throat surgery and instead of recovering with a bowl of ice cream and an I.V. like the rest of the modern world, he decided to write a song about the haters that doubted his recovery and then, post it up on his Twitter account. Listen to the track titled, "Shut Up" here. Don't forget to count how many times he hums, "O.M.G."

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