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While we leave most of the full coverage of NYFW to the big kids (with bigger staffs and bigger budgets) there's those special collections or presentations that really catch our attention--Rachel Antonoff's Spring/Summer 2011 presentation was one of those. Located at a townhouse in the West Village, Rachel Antonoff turned the abode into a sort of clubhouse, where tents made out of sheets and other sleepover past times like Ouija boards, doll houses, and flashlight stories reigned supreme. It's no surprise Rachel Antonoff choose a childhood theme for her presentation, as one of her main inspirations is kids and their ability transform mundane space into something magical using nothing but imagination and a few household items. The Spring/Summer 2011 collection was filled with fun dresses, adorable shorts with heart pockets and plaid patterns that weren't over the top, we also got a peek at her upcoming collaboration with Bass shoes.

Get a glimpse of what it felt like to walk into this Never Never Land-esque experience below. We also have pics of her upcoming Bass shoe collaboration.

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  3. Lady Bouvier says:

    Overall, there was an overwhelming sense of fantasy, intimacy and intrigue; who are these, quite literally, grown up little girls running around in fantastical designer clothes? It was voyeuristic in a way that we haven’t seen since Andy Warhol; but instead of voyeurism in a hedonistic sense, it was innocent and comfortable.

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