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Look thin the Rachel Zoe (and Jockey) way

If looking at pictures of Rachel Zoe makes you feel fat, don't worry! You'll be able to cinch yourself up in her new Jockey shapewear collection as early as this month. That's probably why she wears layers and baggy maxi length dresses--it's to cover up all the shapewear she has on underneath. Shapewear on shapewear on shapewear and you too can look like Rachel Zoe.

Honestly, this latest business venture makes no sense. There's also something messed up about underweight women jumping onto the shapewear market. What is she trying to do? Recruit tweens with thinspo blogs?

Spotted via: WWD

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4 Responses to “Rachel Zoe X Jockey”

  1. Dana Dana says:


  2. Gaby says:

    perhaps shapewear will soften the protruding hipbones and shoulder blades.

  3. Cheche says:

    They also had to find a very short model.

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