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Over at hearty we've made it very clear that we are very stoked on all-girl bands. Very stoked. It's just all that post-Bikini Kill blood that still runs in our veins. However, our mission statement is to appeal to all genders. Enter: Random Cuts. Random Cuts is our new favorite band made up of one dude and two mannequins. The dude, Justin Gradin, lives in Vancouver and has had his hands in the punk scene for years. He founded the Emergency Room, Grotesque Modern Records and formed many successful bands such as Mutators (R.I.P) and Nons (R.I.P). Right now, he has given up on humans and has decided to play with girls that get him (Mannequins, duh!). Random Cuts will be touring the U.S this July with Nu Sensae. Listen to Random Cuts here.

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