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The last few seasons have once again seen the sexy red lipstick trend come off the runway and back onto the streets. More and more ladies are finding the courage to stop relying on heavily made up eyes and are switching the focus onto playing with lip color. While most shy away from any type of color on their lips other than your standard sheer glosses, it’s only a matter of knowing the right techniques that will give you the confidence to try out a lip color that can give you a more updated look.


  • Take care of your lips. Use a tiny bit of exfoliating scrub on your lips to get rid of dead skin and create a smooth surface that will not only make them look their most pouty, but help soak up the lip balm that you put on both before your lipstick and after
  • Choose a shade that suits your skin color. Fair girls will suit more blue under-toned reds, olive complexions look best with burgundy/purple reds, while darker skinned girls can opt for deep to chocolate reds. This is just a general guide, not to be followed too strictly, as it also depends on a persons style and personality with what they will be comfortable with
  • Use a lip brush
  • Use lip liner. Either a color closest to your lip color that you apply before the lipstick or a matching lip liner that you can apply around the edges after you put on the lipstick to create a softer but clean edge
  • For longevity, blot your first coat with one kiss on a tissue and reapply another coat
  • Experiment with lipstick colors that are more subdued during the day


  • Use a darker lip liner
  • Match your lipstick with your outfit
  • Forget that you're wearing lipstick when you eat. Make sure you reapply or at the very least check yourself in a mirror to make sure your lipstick hasn‚Äôt migrated all over your face
  • Over-do your eye make-up. Limiting your eye make-up when you‚Äôre wearing a heavy lip will not only create a much classier look, but will give you one less thing to worry about touching up
  • Emphasize your thin lips. Girls with thinner lips should avoid darker reds as this will make lips appear even thinner. Go for lighter reds

Recession tip: Don’t throw out lipsticks you think don’t suit you. Instead, try combining your other lipstick colors or glosses to achieve the color you desire

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