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Harmony Korine enlists James Franco for his new film, Rebel

Harmony Korine teamed up with James Franco to make a short film called, Rebel. The short clip shows kids on bikes riding around a parking lot, while Biggie's "Dead Wrong" plays in the background. They have Tupac shirts on. Reading between the symbolic lines, we guess that shit's about to get real, or real 90's.

Rebel, slated to premiere at the Venice Biennale, reeks of Harmony Korine's docu-artistic style and gangster love. Even the video lookbook he did for Proenza Schouler fit the bill. In March, his 16-minute short, Umshini Wam, used gun-toting wheel-chaired South African rappers to wax poetic about the meaning of power and success. The question is, what does James Franco bring to the table?

Besides some shaky iPhone camera work, his face in a third of the trailer and this hilarious NSFW promo picture, we're not quite sure what makes this any different than Korine's usual cinematic offerings. Is Franco all hype  or is he still the avant-garde mysterious genius that meant to suck at hosting the Oscars? Maybe watching Rebel will help sway the jury, but it looks like we're going to have to wait until June.

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