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RESOLUTION: “I Will Be More in Tune With My Aura”

EXPERT(S): Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Practice and Intuition Archetypes

Everyone has that one friend who's always talking about rising moons and healing crystals, complaining about Mercury in retrograde, or scoffing at you all like, "that's so Gemini." While you unabashedly roll your eyes at them, in the back of your mind you secretly want to know the meaning behind their new age astrological jargon.  You go home at night and try Googling "my sign" but it all sort of seems like mumbo jumbo. There is no need to be ashamed, and there is no better time to get in touch with your aura than the year of the purported apocalypse, the time is now. Lucky for you, we've consulted two of the foremost experts on all the aura-related things you've been wondering about.

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber have written handfuls of books on astrology, tarot, psychic practice, intuition, archetypes and all things based in self-love and internal energy. They are also deeply in love with one another and have spent their lives working together to create The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber books, card decks, and oracles. Their products are designed to make these kinds of topics more accessible and self-serving to people who may not have much experience with their own spiritual journeys (ahem, us). Monte is a psychic, astrologer and a tarot reader who has given guidance to the likes of Patti Labelle, the ladies from The Reformation, and even to some of the hearty staff. Amy's interests lie more in the practice of spirituality through archetypal story telling.  She loves her goddesses, just like we do and is also a painter and a clothing/jewelry designer who sells exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman.  What can you say, a girl's got to hustle!  For the 5th installment of our resolution series, Amy and Monte have answered some of our most burning questions that will help you get in touch with your aura in 2012.

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Monte, how did you know you were psychic?

I'm not one of those lucky people who were born with their psychic gift fully developed. I became psychic the old fashioned way, literally. I earned my psychic ability the way they used to do it in the old Mystery Schools of ancient Alexandria in Egypt. When I met Amy, she was studying astrology and tarot card reading and I was studying Amy so I learned all three! After a dozen years I started writing books about them, (Amy included!) and the books taught people how to improve their intuition. I designed games  that taught you astrology or how to read tarot cards at the same time. Writing all those books--we have our own Monte & Amy shelves at the top of the Spirituality section of virtually every Barnes & Noble store--improved my intuition to the point where, after Amy's dear mother passed over I tried contacting her and I did! The trick is that you don't have to find it, but you do have to seek it. As in so many things, it's when you set your intention and go on the journey that magic happens. Now every day I take part in events that are considered magic by both the people I read for, and by me too.

How does one find a good psychic with so many scams out there?

That, in itself, requires intuition on your part and the recommendation of friends who you respect and trust. The price must be within your budget and if there's any talk by the psychic of you giving more money to "lift a curse" or "make him/her love you," get up and walk out, you're being played. That's why we created our DIY books, many of which are so much fun that they are rightly called games by some.

If all I know is my star sign and I want to understand astrology, what are my next steps?

We wrote a great little book series dedicated to each of the 12 Sun Signs of the Zodiac called Astrology Gems. Each little book is jam-packed with information.

Are Leos really better in bed?

Yes, but only if the bed or area is like a royal chamber and/or is like a stage set in some way. Or if they're treated like a Queen or King. Leo's like power, drama and display, but I don't think many of them want the bed near an open window! They also like to lead. Full disclosure: I'm a Leo Rising.

I know I want a crystal but I don't know why. What are the benefits?

Crystals are wonderful and they really are "new age" in the sense that crystals make our modern age possible. Lasers use crystals, usually rubies, and you know how important lasers are for everything from CD/DVD's to medical devices to weaponry. There's a crystal in every watch that needs a battery. LCD means Liquid Crystal Diode and LED's use crystal technology, too. If you want to have your mind blown, look up Marcel Vogel, a major IBM scientist who invented many of the technologies today that we take for granted. He was working on using crystal power in ways that we use them now. They work in life-changing ways. We go into it in our book "Healing Crystals: Using Energy Stones"

Goddess Guide Me is your book/game, how did you choose the Goddesses in it?

Our specialty is taking an esoteric subject that would usually require years of study and translating it into an easy-to-understand illustrated book. We used Goddesses that are not so well known but who embodied the concepts we were trying to convey to young women. Goddess Guide Me is designed to undo the patriarchal wounds almost all women have. We love the letters we get from women who've felt empowered learning about the time in our world's "HERstory" when God was a woman.

Is Goddess worship a form of religion?

It used to be, but we're talking a long time ago. There was a time when Ishtar was one of the Supreme Pantheon. This was back in Sumeria, so we're talking over five thousand years ago. Nobody messed with Ishtar. She was the first Goddess to enact the "sacred king" ritual, in that she'd choose a man who she thought was the best and take them for her consort, until she tired of him or he failed her in some way. Goddess worship kept emerging as a force to be reckoned with down through the millennia. Even with the patriarchal religions' general triumph over the various Goddess religions that kept emerging. Patriarchal religions suppressed Goddess religions using violence, something that still typifies them to this day in many respects. The murder of thousands of women as "witches" that characterized "The Burning Times" (1550 - 1650 AD, appx. 40,000 souls extinguished) still pops up with alarming frequency these days in countries and locales where the insanity of the Dark Ages still holds sway.

Amy, are you a goddess?

Yes!  Being a goddess is all about belief in yourself, a positive, attitude, and emoting the right style – your own individual style – choosing unique fashions and accessories that embrace and empower your inner goddess. Goddesses listen to their intuition to know when the time is right. If you follow your intuition and understand the laws of nature, choose to create healthy, healing relationships, you will find ways to feel beautiful, strong, confident and balanced throughout the day. Then you will feel like a Goddess. Goddesses are feisty, too!

Besides Patti Labelle, who is the most interesting person you've given guidance to?

Monte here. I'd have to say that would be Shirley MacClaine. Besides the fact that she's one of the few celebrity clients I have who wouldn't mind my mentioning that I read for her, she is the most fascinating person I know.  Besides Amy Zerner, of course! Shirley's Out on a Limb is a book that has changed people's lives since it was first written. And she rights just like she speaks, no ghost writers for her. What a life she's had and is still having. I learn as much as I give, usually more so, when I read for her. She's def a Goddess, too!

Mercury isn't just dangerous when you eat a lot of sushi. What does it mean when people say Mercury is in retrograde?

A planet is said to be "retrograde," by both astrologers and astronomers, during the periods when its position appears to be going backwards when plotted against the backdrop of the Zodiac constellations. The phenomena is the result of all the planets of our solar system circling the Sun. When we're looking at them from Earth, sometimes our orbit relative to another planet causes it to appear to be going backwards the way a slower train appears to be going backwards when our faster train overtakes it. Mercury retrograde periods happen about three times a year.

How can I protect myself when Mercury is in retrograde?

During the Mercury retrograde you have to be aware that anything you do will have to be reviewed. Wait until the planet goes direct for making a final decision or to do anything new. Don't sign contracts, buy automobiles or appliances, or make major investments or repairs during Mercury retrogrades. Get a guarantee and double check everything. Travel plans and communications will be affected, so double-check appointments and schedules. Mercury retrograde is a great period to get more rest, to work on a project that you already started, or for renovations and completions.

Thoughts on the 2012 apocalypse?

We were asked to write a book on 2012 a few years ago because publishers are in business to sell books and books about 2012 would be bound to sell. So I wrote to my friend Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men, who I saw with my own eyes create miracles when I was with him in the Yucatan many years ago, and asked him if he was interested in working on this book with me. His answer was a resounding "NO!" He told me that this whole business of 2012 supposedly being the date the Mayan calendar says the world or this age will end is "A creation by a stupid white man!" And I would like to share with you what Hunbatz Men told me when I asked him for an endorsement for our Pathfinder Talking Board - an endorsement that he gave us. Here's what he said and I get chills as I write it:

"Yes, Brother Monte, we have to make thousands of shamans now. We are entering Sacred Times."

Sacred Times, not the end of Times. There's a big difference!

I want to "cleanse my aura" for the new year, what can I do?

Intention Bath Ritual for the New Year: Take a magical bath to connect with the purity of your spirit. Clean your tub. Draw your bath and shut off the water. Take some sea salt into your palm and pour it gently into the water. Add some drops of your favorite essensial oils. Stir it around. Step into your bath and get comfortable. The purpose of this bath is to dissolve those things that clog up our daily connection to the divine. Dip your hand in the water and touch your third eye and say:

Dwells within me
I am truth
And I am beauty.

Feel your doubts, which separate you from truth and beauty, slip into the water and become purified. Surround yourself with love and light.

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