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Donna Karan is doing something about the old age problem of stores selling parkas in freakin' July. It's the fashion season revolution and Karan wants it now.

In our grandpas era, we'd call her a commi and keep walking, but her idea is actually smart. "Pre-fall shouldn’t exist, I’m sorry. Wrong. Let’s start there. We’ve got to bring clothes into season," Karan told WWD. "I hate to say it, somebody’s got to take the leap of faith and deal with the June, July market."

Karan thinks that things are out of sorts, can be easily corrected and knows the public is ready for it. Karan explained that right now, fashion is over-loaded. By the time fall rolls around, we are sick and tired of the trends we've been talking about for months."Resort screwed up spring. And then pre-fall screwed up spring. Everything screwed spring up," said Karan. "Spring got sort of caged out. I’m saying to reinvent spring again, reinvent fall again, reinvent the season we’re designing for."

Blaze that trail Donna, blaze that freakin' trail.

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