News__ RiRi and Breezy Make Out

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Rihanna and Chris Brown sitting in a club, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Ever since news about Chris Brown hitting his then girlfriend Rihanna went public everyone had an opinion about it (including us). The situation between the two has been dragged on by the media, but also by the pair themselves, all of which hit a climax in an interview with Oprah where Rihanna admitted she was still in love with Chris Brown. Now, supposedly the two were seen kissing at Griffin nightclub on Monday.

Is this any of our business? Not really, but, it's one thing to reconcile behind closed doors in an emotional way (what she went on to talk about with Oprah) and it's another to get drunk and make out in a club in New York with the guy who beat you up.

What do you think? Does everyone deserve a second chance? Does Rihanna have a responsibility to set a better example?

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