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Rihanna's new video "What's My Name" came out over the weekend and we have to ask, What the heck is she wearing?! For an artist that has become known for her cutting edge fashion (and hair cuts) Rihanna (or her stylist) really missed the fashionable boat in this video. The red hair we can dig. The short shorts (are those Dior Rasta the 2010 version?) with the half-length skin colored pantyhose and a striped blazer, um vomit. And not to mention, that hair accessory she's rocking should go back to whatever old lady they took it from. Come on girl, we know you have more outfits like these ones ahead of you. At the very least a real make out with Drake would have distracted us.

Check out Rihanna's video for What's My Name? featuring Drake below and let us know what you think.

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2 Responses to “What is Rihanna Wearing?!”

  1. Anupa says:

    Word up. But her nails look ill.

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