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Met working together at Chrysler motors, fell in love, had baby, and took photos of it--It doesn’t get more romantic than this

Eleanor Callahan, photography’s most famous muse, died last week at the age of 95. Callahan spent years in front of her husband Harry’s lens. He was so inspired by his wife that most of his famous photos are of her. Harry died in 1999 and left behind over 100,000 photographs, many of them beautiful, intimate portraits of Eleanor and their daughter, Barbara.

The couple met in 1933 after working together at Chrysler Motors in Detroit. After marrying, Eleanor gave birth to Barbara. Harry began teaching himself photography and his wife and child became his favorite subjects. The couple’s deep and devout love stands out in the delicate, often nude portraits of Eleanor. The images are stark, revealing, and yet, soft and natural. The power Eleanor had over the camera showed in every photo and her presence became the focus of Harry’s career. The photos are widely thought to be collaborative, giving credit to the woman who obviously shaped her husband’s vision and helped give the world such a beautiful view of their private life together.

See some of Harry Callahan’s photographs of his wife below. R.I.P. Eleanor Callahan.

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