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2009 was a pretty good year for Rob Roy. He released his first mixtape (King Warrior Musician Lover), collaborated on a shoe with Converse and Love Brigade, got calls from some big names in music (Justin Timberlake, Pharell), shot a video for his song "Fur In My Cap" and displayed his various titles--rapper, singer and serenader--on his tracks like "Carmencita" and "Bowden Acres Parade." But, Rob Roy is now ready to say Bon Voyage! He was selected to go on tour with A-Trak and Travis Barker, starting tonight (March 9) that will reach cities like LA, Miami and Austin. We caught up with Rob Roy right before he embarks (yesterday) to ask him a few questions.

You won an award at the Duval Diamond Hood Awards (aka the Ghetto Grammies). What was the reaction from your peers?

A lot of folks were surprised, but in a good way. Bigga Rankin, who gave me the award, is very well-respected in Duval and throughout the South. He breaks a lot of records/artists that gain national popularity.

You recently did a Converse shoe with Love Brigade. How did the collaboration come about?

I have a long history with Love Brigade (Alyssa, CEO & founder, is an ex of mine). The shoe was designed by Chris "Tinypants" Dang, and is inspired by the album.

You've been approached by big time labels and major acts like Justin Timberlake and Pharrell. Are you signed yet?

Not signed yet, but the "official" announcement will be made soon. Hopefully. Lawyers take forever!

What can we expect for 2010?

Expect lots of everything; tour, singles, album, wild tales. Lots of stories!

You're going on tour with A-Trak and Travis Barker, what's your game plan? Jodcei covers?

Almost. All H-town covers. Emotions make you cry sometimes.

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  1. […] “King Warrior Magician Lover,” puts other magicians, kings, warriors and lovers to shame (Hey, last we checked Prince Harry and Houdini couldn’t sing this well).  Find the mixtape here and read our interview with Rob here. […]

  2. Ashley Moberly says:

    Great interview!

    Rob was so dope when he opened for A-Trak & TRVS. Can’t wait for his album release party at the Roxy on May 19!

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