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Roman Polanski makes a film for Prada starring Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter

Film director Roman Polanski--who is now just as well known for his infamous dodging of the American courts as he is for his work--has the spotlight on him again, but this time for all good reasons. Debuting at 65th Cannes International Film Festival in collaboration with Prada, Polanski has made a short four minute film staring Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter called “A Therapy.”

The film begins with Carter and Kingsley both Prada clad during a therapy session in Kingsley’s office. With Carter rambling on, Kingsley soon becomes entranced by her fur coat hanging by the door and decides he absolutely must try it on in the mirror. He strikes a few home-alone-in-front-of-the-mirror-type poses for a moment before the line “Prada Suits Everyone” flashes across the screen.

Prada says "A Therapy" is not an advertisement but rather a fun venture into the arena of film. The short does have little "obvious" Prada product placement, besides one moment when the camera zooms on the Prada inside label of one of Carter’s fallen shoes as she slumps dramatically onto the couch to recount her dreams to Kingsley, though both actors are outfitted in the label head to toe. Whether or not it's an ad, art piece, or short distraction, one thing is for sure: Kingsely rocks that purple coat pretty damn well.

Watch Roman Polanski's film Prada "A Therapy" below.

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