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This is our 100th Round-up, so we decided to collect our favorite posts from our favorite hearty contributors

Newly appointed social media writer for Sephora, Kelley Hoffman contributed many greats pieces for us, but one of her best was, "How I Saw Gwar and Found McQueen."  @KelleyHoffman

Speaking of Kelly's, Kelly McClure co-wrote "The A-Z  of 2011" with our editor Mish Way. Thank you, Kelly for your take on every subject from Coach Taylor to Kreayshawn to Wild Flag made our list weirder, better, just a little more McClure. @WolfieVibes

Our winter fashion editorial "Racks on Racks on Racks" played with ideas of layers thanks to contributing stylist Taylor Okata, photographer, Matt Petricone and the artwork of Janine Prevost. Rap should always inspire fashion editorials, right? Right, Kayne?

To kick start our SoundCloud project Big Hearts Mixes, California duo Y◎UNG ▼DULTS mixed us up a musical cocktail. It tasted like rave.

Social media director for Pamela Love (and lead singer of the Southern band Brain F), Elise Anderson took us to Paris Fashion Week with her three-part behind-the-scenes series beginning with, "How I Spent My Paris Fashion Week (Neophyte is the Same Word in French and English)". @pamelalovenyc

And a big, dorky high-five for our Editorial Interns Kate Brown and Mel Zee who are now avid writers on the hearty team and have contributed some of the smartest news posts this year. @KateMarmalade @xmelzeex

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