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It seems like this week there was so much talk of thin, so we'll give you the skinny on the skinny

Katie J. Baker rips apart Dara-Lynn Weiss for putting her 7-year-old daughter on a Weight Watchers diet and then flaunting it for an article inĀ Vogue. [Jezebel]

Speaking of diets, get the skinny on Israel's new ultra-thin- model ban. [The High Low]

A thinner Crystal Renn goes blonde for Numero China. [Love Cat]

The search for the perfect "real woman" super model continues, even in high fashion. [Femail]

One Miss Courtney Love ("Skinny Little Bitch") inspires socialite Pixie Gedolf (also "Skinny Little Bitch") to make music. [Oyster]

H&M accused of using a half-dead model for their latest campaign. How do you think this girl feels after being called "a corpse"? What is WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? [Daily Mail]

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