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Pregnant is the new black.

Did you guys go to Coachella? Did you make-out with that hologram? These girls didn't, but their phones might have. [Cultist Zine]

Oh, and speaking of holograms...TLC might be back. [New York Times]

As women's health shrivels like a penis in a freezing cold swimming pool, we ask why all the anti-choice? [Gallup]

Hold the phone. Slutever went blonde. The world is officially round. [Slutever]

Megan Fox has that dude from 90210 living inside of her. [E!Online]

How does one get on a first name basis with Bieber and Oprah? Stalking. Do we love her or feel really bad for her? [Jezebel]

Maybe us big city girls need to ditch the chemicals and get high off running? [New York Times]

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