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Just letting you in on the week's best secrets, you know?

Heavy Cream just dropped their new album, Super Treatment. It's less "Watusi" and more fuzzed out and frantic. [Elle]

Jessica Biel wants you to know her purse is worth more than your yearly income. LOL, bitch! [Huffington Post]

Octomom does porn to make ends meet. Is it terribly un-feminist and square to judge her? [Huffington Post]

Courtney News: Love details us her weekly diet of pot pie, leg rubs and sugar. [Grub Street New York]

Heroin is not for dolphins, okay? (More importantly, why was someone doing dope at a rave?) [MSN]

We love Tracy-Clark Flory so much. This time, she tackles Right-Wing sexual pathos. You know, why we're reverted to archaic thinking about love, sex and health rights (ah-hem, birth control) and how it's just insane. [Salon]

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