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Happy Friday, folks at home

Amy Poehler photobombs Louis C.K. and Hilary Clinton. [Old Sounds]

Molly Lambert is the only writer who does Hollywood the way we want it. [Grantland]

Is it weird that when we hear the name "Cleaning Fairy" we think of Monica from FRIENDS? [Complex]

The cannibal attack that happened in Miami yesterday has left every news paper flipping their lid over bath salts. Not the kind that Cat Marnell snorted, but the kind that get you high. Why do the weirdest crimes always happen in Florida? [Herald Sun]

Because street-slang was something you should acquire from a written guide. [The Awl]

Have a laugh. [Amy Schumer]

Have another laugh as Eric Kelly tells you why he doesn't go to Wall Street and "try to type." [Animal New York]

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