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Round 'em up so you don't have to

Isn't it pathetic if you don't call your trust fund a "gilded cage"? #CatMarnell [Wall Street Journal]

Lip To Lip: Octomom or Kim Kardashian? (Let's just note here that if anyone confused me with Octomom, I'd blow it off.) [City Rag]

This lady downsized her entire life and home into a house as small as a parking space, could you go that extreme? [Learn Vest]

How did Ryan Lochte become "America's Sexiest Douchebag"? Tracy Clark-Flory is on the case. [Salon]

Gender-bender kids: What's the big deal? #MustReadOfTheWeek [New York Times]

"I used to ghost write Sweet Valley High books." [TheĀ Hairpin]

Beautiful little Grimes performing "Genesis" at Pitchfork Festival. [Pitchfork TV]

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