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Exploitation, cheating and lies, lies, lies

Way to exploit two children for the sake of Right Wing bullshit, FOX News. You should be mortified. [YouTube]

"Groveling apology" from Kristen Stewart makes us all thank our lucky stars that when we cheat, we don't have a cameras secretly following us. [Huffington Post]

Maybe she needs these special PR tips on "How To Build A Movie Star?" (Probably not since she is still a human being.) [Vulture]

And human beings get caught as Lara James points out in her list of musicians caught with drugs. [Noisey]

Hiding bigotry with fake profiles or just what Chick-fil-A has to do to stay alive? [Gizmodo]

Grimes, Grimes, Grimes. No lies. [Cultist Zine]

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