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We see the changes, guys

Not everyone is Beyonce, especially when it comes to the female body post-child. [New York Times]

The Male Biological Clock: Fact or Fiction? [New York Magazine]

The state of some Republican official's views on abortion rights and rape is terrifying. How long is it going to take for people to understand that it's Pro-Choice! CHOICE! THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO WITH YOUR BODY. How is that so offensive? [The Examiner]

Apparently, Nicki Minaj is going to judge Idol. Lara James thinks she should do costumes instead. [Noisey]

The Skirt: Perpetuating My Own Myth (as recommended by Jess Bloom). [Four Pins]

Kelley Deal has a new band called R. Ring and they are finally releasing a 7 inch. Obviously, it's beautiful. [Exclaim!]

Feel like puking? Read the story of how Chad Kroeger proposed to Avril Lavigne. Spoiler Alert: it involves a scrapbook. [CTV]

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