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It's Friday. It's fall. Be in love with it.

Baby Mac makes out with his Kiki at #CMJ showcase. Pitchfork thinks it's a random. The press isn't always the smartest. [Pitchfork]

90's throwback: The Clueless cast reunites. R.I.P. Brit Murphy. [BUST]

Do not f*ck with Chan Marshall. (We love that Marshall insulted this reviewer over Instagram.) [The Stranger]

Plus, Marshall's new video for "Cherokee" is beautiful. [Stereogum]

Russia meets Commes de Garcon. [The FADER]

If you have not read the story of Amanda Todd yet, we recommend you do and please, please think about how the term "bullying" is too PC for this case. This was slut-shaming and it was horrible. [VICE] & [Vancouver Observer]

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