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Greasy is back, but you knew that already. [Refinery 29]

Protesters gathered in Times Square yesterday to fight the battle against fatty foods for kids by advocating for Ronald McDonald's retirement. The war on obesity gets fatter. [Gothamist]

"When a woman doesn’t take herself too seriously, men and people in generally will just flock to her more." Mob Living uncovers the secret of being "the other girl next door." [Mob Living]

Indie furniture? Of course. But really, the Sustainable Furniture exhibition in the Design Museum London. [Cyanatrendland]

Felicia Dantzler, a 21 year-old Queen's resident is suing the NYPD for $5 million because of the brutality she faced during a police call. Dantzler claimed that she was pushed, belly-down during a fight with her neighbor which caused the birth of her still-born baby only days later. Dantzler was six months pregnant. [NY Daily News]

Raddest shirt we've seen all week thanks to Cami and Nadia over in Aussie land. [Di$count]

And speaking of best of the week, we are all over this blog, Deep Troll run by Britney who makes everything that is already hilarious ever more so. Deep VogueBlack Widow? "World's all time best waiting for the bus look, EVER." [Deep Troll]

Agent Lover does a Paper Doll as well, and her doll is interactive. Amazing. Watch out for the man baby! [AgentLover]

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  1. […] Greasy hair may be in style, but this is oily on a whole new (better) level. We’ve all been saddened by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and seeing pictures of the poor helpless creatures makes it that much worse. While there are a variety of ways to help out, one that struck us as interesting is donating your locks to help soak up the oil. Hair, fur, fleece, feathers, and nylons can be made into booms that will help soak up the oil along the coastlines, and anyone can donate! […]

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