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A few songs you should really listen to this week.

He wants babies. She does not. "We got to break up." #comedy [Song A Day]

Robb Bank$ is not old enough to legally buy cigarettes, but he can have a rap career. "Cadie" features Phlo Finister. [Noisey]

Ke$ha is the last great rock star, says The Atlantic. Maybe you do not agree, but you need to listen to her latest "Thinking Of You" if not for the complete confusion and melodic insanity. [The Atlantic]

Tampa Bay-based Merchandise play their hit "Become What You Are" on a roof, kind of unplugged, like it's MTV. Album version can be found here. [NME]

This song is old, but you have never heard it before and you should. "Dock Ellis" by Barbara Manning & SF Seals. [LISTEN]

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