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I'm  so tired and alive, but you're like a new born off 16 & Pregnant so you have all the energy in the world. Stay rad. Enjoy. Happy Weekend, life is a highway/live  your life out loud/ain't nobody gonna take your pride/the truth is out there/Fox Mulder/With Friends Like These.

If anyone wants to "cash in" on what's "All American," they should "buy in" to the ultimate product of the century, The Freedom Tray. [Refinery 29]

Do you agree with sexy-not-sexy-little-me? "Discount!" [Jezebel]

Sometimes boys need to tell their stories. "Most Read" in the last 45 days--yeah, we're late on this. [Evil Monito]

Hallie, you there girl? 'Break-up Sex' (always and never the best) by our very own Hallie Elizabeth. [Magnesium Mouth]

We love this so much that it drives us crazy that Mary-Kate obviously grabbed it first. [HighSnobette]

You feeling blue about whatever goes on in your life? Liz Phair (in the 90's) had the answer. Oh, and like PIZZA. [Youtube]

Guess what? I'm (Mish) a feminist AND I'm hilarious. Who's boners laughing now? Boner's can't laugh, but gosh damn, do they talk. [Vice]

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