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In preparation of a summer of noise, warm beer and debauchery, Refinery 29 provides readers with a Stacey-and-Clinton-esque list of outfits to wear to all those outdoor music festivals. Because one wrong outfit could cause "dehydration, sunburn, and extreme fugliness" and who needs that when your trying to bang a musician? [Refinery 29]

In case you're not the music going type, Rebecca Dana at The Daily Beast teaches the "freedom fighters" the appropriate attire for an anti-Obama gala. [The Daily Beast]

Amanda Hess of The Sexist introduces those of us who don't read High Times to The Whizzinator, a dildo that has the ability to stimulate urination. As she uncovers the connection between High Times and The Whizz, she discovers why heterosexual pot smokers might be interested in the power of golden showers. [The Sexist]

Kristen Schaal is...Penelope: The Princess of Pets. [Let Me Buy U An Dranks]

The female orgasm, remember? You learned about it in Cosmo and Sex & the City. Olivia Singer talks about the face of female pleasure, which can commonly be found in yogurt or shampoo ads. [Platform]

Ear buds are going to become the new shoulder pads thanks to Lee Won-Jon and his amazing silver earring/MP3 player. But keep them around because your kids will think they are cool in about twenty years. [High Snobette]

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