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Marketing is marriage. Courtney Love exposes her new album, Nobody's Daughter to the public even though its release date isn't until April 24. Thanks to SPIN, fans can hear the whole album streamed via Facebook today. (We're listening to it right now!) [SPIN]

Despite the fact that these leather overalls were designed by the Olsen twins, we are kind of stoked on them. #thesummerofleather []

The Nerve compiled a list of the most "Hilarious Craigslist Personal Ads" to date. Winners include: car crash blow jobs, "Man-servant needed," the dude with the "totally dope blanket fort" (we would hang with this creep) and the man who saw a woman's breast while walking his dog and now wants a date. Weirdos make the world go round, we're all pervs when it comes down to it. [Nerve]

Desboobs and Stephen Single Ape from The Boobs outlines some fashion no-no's for us all to enjoy. The usual suspects are in there: yoga pants, camo and knitted hats, but as per usual, Des adds her own spin. [The Boobs]

A blog we could read all week, forever and ever and ever. Love you Annabel. [Annabel]

And Happy Birthday to our favorite photographer, Jody Rogac. We heart you buddy! [Jody Rogac]

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  1. Hannah Sarah Hannah says:

    “totally dope blanket fort” is my new criteria for potential boyfriends.

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