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Fashion iPhone Apps! [Refinery 29]

Speaking of women and computers... [The Awl]

The 10 best old school sex ed videos." "Sorry I intruded on your privacy, I'll be sure to knock next time." "So, that means you can start a baby?" [Ranker]

What ever happened to Clarissa? Platform explains it all. [Platform]

A recent article in Macleans about the "dangerously empty lives of teenage girls" sent stings of moral panic through readers. Dr. Leonard Sax, dictated what he thinks is wrong with the female youth of today, stating "one in five girls is cutting herself and/or burning herself with matches." But his statistics are exaggerated and rely too heavily on stereotypical gender differences. Maybe what the girls need is some positive support and not a doctor taking away their cellphones? Read this for yourself. [Macleans &]

It's all over the place, but how to rock it proper. [Parlour]

Smashing Pumpkins news. File it under "whatever." [SPIN]

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