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Now you can take The Situation and Pauly D to bed with you (minus the chlamydia). [Jezebel]

What do you speak? [Street Boners & TV Carnage]

No one does a true haul like Britney from Deep Troll. She doesn't bore us with her Forever 21 dime-a-dozen finds, no, she wows us with her VHS collection, studded jean jackets and G-Unit T-shirts. More, Britney, more! [Deep Troll]

Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop dies in a bed of sparkles. Holy we-want-this-look. [Studded Hearts]

Ever been shot in the ass while shopping? Us neither, but this lady did. [Weird Universe]

New White Lung video by Ryan Anderson featuring the Mini Wiz and Becca Way! [Youtube]

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