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Super hip products for the way under-aged. Ooh baby! [Flavorwire]

...but Golden Girl, Blanche, was a sartorial senior. RIP Rue McClanahan. [Fashion Indie]

However, the Queen was one royal hot mess at King Constance's 70th birthday party. [Daily Mail UK]

Speaking of messes, Kat Stacks finally got slapped for being a groupie (between Lil' Wayne, Bow Wow, Nelly and rappers whose names we don't even recognize, it must be one big game of "count the STIs") and blogging the details. Do the boys deserve it? Did she deserve it? Do any of us actually care? [The Boobs]

Blogger Dawn Ferguson collected crystals for her new gig at Refinery29. [AMUSEworthy]

Sarah Silverman's virginity is on display in this excerpt from "The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee." Yours was in rose petals after your prom too, right? [Nerve]

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