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Check it out! We got a new Round Up image. Moo.

Ex-prisoner, Piper Kerman explains the reality of Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence in relation to prison time. "[Lohan] may choose to “talk on the vents” to the other prisoners by whispering into the air ducts, a common practice in many facilities." That's a good way to promote her amazing new song. [Daily Beast]

MTV's Jersey Shore Season Two will air on July 29th but in the mean time you can enjoy a little piece of the Situation's family history. [Jezebel]

Want some serious eye-candy? [Internet K-Hole]

17-year-old high school junior, Steven Ortiz, used the Craiglist barter section to trade some crappy old phone his friend gave him for a Porsche. [CNN]

Tinsley Mortimer makes hand bags. Just like that crazy lady, Victoria (Jennifer Coolidge) in Sex and the City. [Fashionista]

Can Sketchers Shape Ups look cool? (The answer is no, in case you're wondering.) [Refinery 29]

Surprise. Women "can't drive." [Jalopnik]

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