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Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer do Lady Gaga. [Gawker]

With songs like "Eat Shit and Die" and "Loser" Juvie's songs become girl-infused anthems for bad hand jobs and cool shoes. The awesome all-female band, Juvenile Hall. Check out their amazing music video for their hit single, "High on Drugs."  [Aural Kinetic]

Labor punishes mom or all gals? You decide. [Double X]

Do you remember Francesca Lia Block and her books about Weetzie Bat, Secret Agent Lover Man and Cherokee? We do. So perhaps you'll enjoy the reading of the screenplay of "Weetzie Bat" in West Hollywood on August 8th at Book Soup. This is a must-be-there for all Los Angeles women who still live like magical teens. [Cinematical]

Madonna's daughter is so eighties. [The Cut]

God we miss these Aussies. [No Di$count]

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