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The TIME cover that got everyone talking. Brittany Jerlat thinks it over. [BUST]

A blog that reads like a really raunchy, slutty book that won't keep her top on or give you back your favorite lighter. Sick of reading "Less Than Zero" for the 800th time? Find "Sadobabies" a bit too real? Then try Karley Sciortino: the just-right mix of rich kid playtime, sex, drugs and gutter punk. [Slutever]

We want these boots boots, please. Now. [Viktor Vauthier]

Kelsey Grammer defies the rules of science, impregnates a woman. [Popeater]

Ohio woman beats up McDonald's worker when she can't order chicken nuggets because it's the breakfast menu. I thought you didn't get hungry on PCP? [Youtube]

What drugs are they on at the House of Dereon? [Blogue]

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