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"It Girl" collaborates with "It Brand." [Refinery 29]

Remember when everyone and their cat was getting vajazzled? Well, if you're not so into the glittery, crystaled crotch look you can always "vatoo" your womanhood. "Vatooing" (or "twatooing") is exactly what the name alludes to: vagina tattooing, except the process is not permanent (the body paint stays on for seven days depending on "friction") and requires a total hair removal pre-vatoo. Visit Completely Bare in NYC for more details. [The Luxury Spot]

Halle Berry is the first black woman to grace the cover of Vogue since Naomi did it in 1989. [Parlour]

Where is the line between sexual assault and curiosity when the offenders are barely even pre-teens. Mary Elizabeth Williams analyzes. [Salon]

A hilarious theory on "The Real Tampons of New Cray Cray." Rite Aid might be involved. [Everything is Annoying]

Signal Gallery in East London hosts "Beyond Punk," an exhibition curated by former Adverts bassist, Gaye Black. The show also features work by Adam Ant and Chris Brief of The Briefs, Spizz of Spizzenergy and Knox, of the Vibrators. Watch the video. [Paper Mag]

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