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It's important to read the news...some parts of it.

Thanks to a miraculous (sense the tone) new study, we learn that the Y chromosome is evolving faster than ever, begging the question, "Are Men More Evolved Than Women?" Study co-author, Dr. David Page (Whitehead Institute of Cambridge) says, "[The Y Chromosome is] like a house that's constantly being rebuilt." [Huffington Post]

BBC brings some good news to ladies with junk in the trunk: having extra weight on your hips, bum and thighs is "good for [y]our health, protecting against heart and metabolic problems." Hip and ass fat "mops up" fatty acids and "contains an anti-inflammatory agent that stops arteries clogging." Stomach fat however, says the study, is still useless. [BBC News]

New York Times reports that the United Nations is "freeing up" $10 million in emergency relief, plus 100 tonnes of ready-to-eat food from World Food Program to aid the people in Haiti. Are these portions even close to enough? [New York Times]

A new article in BPS Research Digest teaches us "How To Brag" scientifically speaking. Thank heavens for this ground-breaking research. [The Awl & BPS Research Digest]

The Jersey Shore crew hits the big time: Parties with Lindsay! G.T.L a.k.a Gym Tan Lohan. [E Online]

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