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Why do we all love a show that, in so many ways, is getting away with totally sexist crap? Calling women "hyenas" and "hippos" is not cool in our day to day lives, but when the Situation does it, somehow it gets excused? [Jezebel]

Maybe it's not okay to resurrect the spirit and breasts of Princess Di to sell lingerie? Or maybe, it's a brilliant way to get some negative press? [Telegraph]

Imagine your brain ate a giant piece of bubble gum and then traveled to outer space in a blanket made of your worst nightmare and furry faces. Eric Sandberg makes art. [Mob Living]

Ryan Keely talks and it's interesting. [Street Carnage]

God it sucks being poor, but we forgot how great this site is for day dreaming and home decor inspiration. [The Selby]

Aram Bedrossian. Weird name, beautiful photos. [Touch Puppet]

Could we love you anymore C. Love? Seriously #90s #"Seattlemadeyou,bitch" #Nardwuar [Slut Meets Whore is Back]

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