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The Biebs gets cray cray with some quintessential teen stunts by throwing water balloons at the Baltimore police. [WBalTV]

Fresh from jail, the Princess herself, Lindsay Lohan is said to do her first post-prison interview on NBC's Today Show. We hope this will be a bit more exciting then her "I'm a secret hoarder" piece. [TMZ]

Gwyneth Platrow thinks her kid is special like Stella McCartney. Commenters rage. [The Cut]

A new book from Sean Yseult of White Zombie reveals what it was like to be the queen of the metal scene. Flyers, posters, notes and photos, this is going to be an amazing read for any girl who ever wondered what it was like touring with the guys. [Soft Skull]

How bad do you hate this run-away alarm clock? [Nando]

p.s. It's New York Fashion Week, but you already knew that.

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