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The real life Sue Sylvester exists, except her version of the Cheerios are actually still eating Cheerios. [Animal New York]

Angelina walks a dog down the runway at Fashion Week. Pauly D and the Situation have to wait in line to make jokes. [The Cut]

Marc Jacobs models for his own products, has a kickin' bod covered in weird tattoos of kids cartoon characters and likes to party. He's the ultimate good-time gay who will make you feel square. Robert Foster investigates. [Platfm]

A bear in Finland stretches her legs. The news calls it "yoga" [Observer]

Craiglist "Adult Services" section is officially over and done with thanks to trafficking issues that were pointed out by some anti-trafficking activist groups. Although Craiglist's giant roster of sexual ads is now debunked, activist groups note that the internet is a big place. "Every pimp has a myspace page." [Salon]

What's Jody been up to? [Jody Rogac Blog]

Optical illusion constructed to slow down West Coast drivers. Another reason to not drive on acid. [Vancouver Sun]

Judge Judy on computerized Ludes. This is insane. [Street Carnage]

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