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We're still waiting for the day Kate Moss doesn't look amazing. It will never come. [Knight Cat]

“I wish I could wear a sign above my head that reads, ‘I do not know kung fu, I don’t eat fish, I don’t know how to make sushi, I’m not a horrible driver, I have sex but I’m not a sex slave, I’m not submissive, I failed math, I don’t speak any Asian language, please get to know me for me." Asian girls speak up about stereotypes and attraction. [The Awl]

You want to be the ghost writer for Snooki's first novel? [Gawker]

A different kind of bib for men. [The Cheeky]

German man admits to raping and sexually assaulting 1,000 women. His skills were learned from Silence of the Lambs. He will probably only get the maximum of 15 years. F--k the system. [Times of India]

Lohan's cell mate, Alexis Neiers (who was in jail for robbing her and other celebrities in the Bling Ring fiasco) is now writing a book. Yeah, we'll see. [Celebuzz]

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