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Hipster backlash, again. What else is new? This time the article is pretty insightful and turns us onto the work of Mark Greif who states, "[H]ipsters exist in a 'post-sell-out moment. Instead of being avant-garde, it’s about being an early adopter.' So it’s not about challenging mainstream culture as much as interpreting it better than anyone else." Yeah, we can buy that for now. [Globe and Mail]

New episode from our "favsies" child star. [Very Mary Kate]

Madonna pens a letter to Steven Meisel in 1991. "I hate actresses, they have nothing on the house of extravaganza." Ends up on the web today. Cute and charming, but not as messy at Courtney Love's letter to Spin. [Letters of Note]

Betrayal in an ad campaign. Fashion must be getting boring if this is big news. [Fashionlogue]

"A boyfriend or girl­friend isn’t an ac­ces­so­ry you wear on your arm like a tat­too. They should be a per­son that you’re in­to enough that you can leave them alone for a cou­ple damn hours while they go pur­sue what­ev­er go­daw­ful shit they’re in­to when they aren’t ly­ing to make you feel bet­ter about the go­daw­ful shit you’re in­to." And a few other things about communicating like a human or surviving long term relationships. [Platform]

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