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Halloween is this weekend? What are you going to be? A slutty nurse or a can of beer? Or just D.T.F.? We pooled together some of favorite Halloween links. Spooky!

Philip Seymour Hoffman really knows how trick-or-treat, but apparently M.K. doesn't. [Very Mary-Kate]

House of Diehl's Halloween Style Wars in NYC. Because fashion and Halloween were grown in the same womb. [Bust]

Ten Halloween costumes to avoid and you guessed it, "Anything Sexy" makes the cut. And please, make sure your costume isn't sexy and racist. [Gawker]

Chucky Nightmare's are nothing compared to the Twilight dolls. [Buzznet]

This is from last Halloween but any list of "feminist" Halloween costumes that includes Jem and the Holograms is awesome. However, we say be the Misfits this year because everyone loves the underdog bitch with bright hair. [Bitch]

Sexy Clownfish anyone? [The Awl]

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