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The New York Times' signature shit starter, Deborah Soloman asks cartoonist, Sophie Crumb about playing Barbies with her famous father and how she handles the politics of France. [New York Times]

Canada's answer to The Jersey Shore is Lake Shore which features a rather racist casting of party-going individuals who seem to have less brain cells than Snooki's poof. The characters of this show are starting to make MVP look like dignified, respectful men who have goals in life beyond banging girls who are DTF. [Blog TO]

Another fabulous insight into the wicked mind of our favorite forty-plus rock star, Miss Courtney Love. [New York Times]

Johanna Skibsrud won a Giller Prize on Tuesday night for her novel, The Sentamentalists. The book was an unlikely win because the first run only produced about 800 copies. We think their might be a second soon. A must-read for winter. [Maisonneuve]

This is the creepiest thing we've seen all week. [Youtube]

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