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Megan McCain of The Daily Beast tackles the issue of fake vs. real when it comes to cleavage. Inspired by Heidi Montag's recent surgical transformation (she now has a totally new face and DDD breasts) and the rude remarks about the natural cleavage on Jessica Simpson and Christina Hendricks, McCain asks why the world is so "offended" by real breasts and not fakes. [The Daily Beast]

B!pop Ventures turns us on to a few rad things this week. 1) Four Eye Flash Drive by Toronto-based designer, Willie Tsang. And 2) Futu Magazine a Polish art and design publication dedicated to bringing readers the best in design, photography, fashion, luxury, and typography. [B!pop Ventures]

We discovered Michael Jordan's twitter account this week, which is proving to be nothing but entertainment. Twitter has shortened the distance between "celebrity" and "citizen" and by reading Jordan's it appears he's just a curious six-year-old trapped in the body of an athletic giant. Jordan pensively tweets, "Do you think Dragons ever existed a long long time ago?" He also is deeply concerned that he has never "used a sword or hidden a horse." [Michael Jordan Twitter]

Actress Mo'Nique took home the Golden Globe for her performance in Precious, but her hairy legs--which she flashed on the red carpet--are all people can talk about (Unbelievable since she won a damn Golden Globe!). Mo'Nique told Barbara Walters that she wanted to show America what real legs look like without all the maintenance, "I really think hair on a woman's legs is a black woman's thing." [Stylist & Feministing]

"Man Calls Police To Complain About Being Stiffed By A Prostitute, Gets Arrested For Soliciting Prostitution." Cool move guy. [Animal New York]

The Miss Linds of Evil Monito takes a look at the American trend of equating brands with luxury, and the vicious cycle of purchase, gratification, work, debt, that comes with performing for a certain social class. She calls upon some interesting statistics, but more importantly reminds us that at the end of the day, a bag is sometimes just a bag and happiness isn't always found in designer leather. [Evil Monito]

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