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Boys, you can "play around with it" and women will think you're "wilder in the bedroom." What is it? Oh, just a "chin rug" is all. [Sify]

New Yorker writer, Ben Greenman, likes these things. [Nerve]

Susan Cernek, the fashion editor for Glamour, answers a summer style survey. [Apartment Therapy]

Tory Burch has a new compilation CD CD that's surprisingly more Lykkie Li than Katy Perry. Proceeds go to charity, so you have an excuse. [The Jet Set Girls]

Beside the obvious, here's another reason not to shop at Hollister. [The Wall Street Journal]

If you get sunburnt easily and look "lobstery," listen to some British advice. [Daily Mail]

Fashion your fourth. [Blogue]

And have a good long ass long weekend!

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