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Hopefully you're feeling nice and full. Don't go maxing your credit cards today.

The messy game of adultery and why the other woman isn't always your worst enemy. [Bitch Magazine]

This is just the thing for the light weights who don't want to waste half a beer (or those of us who need to take our bottles of Bud "to-go"). [Perpetual Kid]

What do you wear to get laid? The connotations behind this article are blowing open a D-cup's worth of discussion. [Nerve]

It's hard to care about America's Next Top Model now that it's on it's 356th season (or whatever) but Rich's post-show analysis makes us wish the show was as clever and funny as his comments. [Four Four]

Lookin' good, bro. [Cameronr]

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One Response to “ROUND-UP”

  1. Charlotte charlotte says:

    Oh man Tessa is the tenth cute girl in that what to wear to bone link. She modelled my denim jumpsuit in the fashion show I did and killed it. Everyone brings her up whenever they talk about it. Cutest/coolest.

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