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Total dream date or maybe not. Merry Christmas. [Huffington Post]

The big-lipped, gap-tooth take over is here. Revolution Awkward-Sexy Now! [Jezebel]

Just in case you're into dudes and felines. Who's judging the "cute" meter here? [Cute Boys With Cats]

"Why Don't You Just Hit Him?" [Geek Feminism]

Janelle MonĂ¡e gives us a wise word or two to chew on. Prom rules are hetero-normal bulls**t wrapped in a crusty old corsage. [Wear The Trousers]

Vote for your favorite female-fronted band! [Jigsaw]

Thank God someone asked that information mall guy what he does all day. We were dying to know. [Street Boners & TV Carnage]

Carrie Bradshaw has a new look. [Refinery29]

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